Keshi & Cast Pearl Choker



*Handmade to order, just for you.

Please allow 4 weeks for production* 


Our Keshi & Cast Pearl Earrings embody our signature use of concept. This piece stands against the use of unethically sourced pearls in jewellery by casting these pearls using ethically farmed keshi pearls and recycled sterling silver. The result is a piece identical to a pearl in form but radically different in terms of ethics. Handcrafted in Australia from both recycled sterling silver and 23-karat yellow gold vermeil using our own ‘anti-kosmímata’ technique that merges traditional, fine, and contemporary jewellery methods. Blurring the line between everyday wear and statement, its eggshell weight and detailed finish makes it perfect for every occasion. This piece is for wearers of classic styles with a soft statement edge.


  • Made in Australia
  • Colour: silver or yellow gold
  • Weight: eggshell weight, 8 grams
  • Materials: recycled sterling silver or 23 karat gold vermeil 
  • Anti-tarnish bag included for storage made from organic fair-trade cotton