Caring For Your Jewellery

Each RFL piece is handmade from precious metals and requires delicate care. We recommend storing your jewellery in a cool, dark place when not worn. 

Sterling Silver will naturally oxidise over time when it is exposed to air, liquid and skin. To maintain the finish, please use a silver cleaning agent or polishing cloth and gently clean.

Gold Vermeil is a layer of gold over sterling silver and is vulnerable to knocks, chlorine, soap, make-up, perfume and sweat as these agents can strip the gold. Vermeil will naturally wear over time, so we recommend removing your jewellery when sleeping, exercising, swimming or showering to increase the longevity of your piece. Gently clean use a soft cloth without any polishing agents or chemicals.

If your gold vermeil jewellery eventually wears through, we can re-plate it for you. Please contact us at and we can provide more information.  


Released from Love is made using a stringent quality assurance process, and we guarantee jewellery free of manufacturing defects. However, we understand that accidents happen.

Released from Love cannot be held responsible for defects caused by improper use, aesthetic changes, and damage due to normal wear and tear, however we are able to offer an in-house restoration and repairs service. 

Please contact us at  to discuss your situation and we can provide further information.