Released From Love (RFL) means morality, philosophy, aesthetics, and design.

I: morality; or, transparent manufacturing

RFL jewellery is designed and handmade in QLD, Australia by a small team of artists with backgrounds in traditional, handmade goldsmithing practices; multi-disciplinary art practices, and cultural philosophy. Every piece is made from recycled precious metals, and our packaging is made from FSC certified cardboard. 

II: philosophy; or, the meaning of objet d'art jewellery

RFL is an objet d’art jewellery label, which means each collection is based on works of art, the natural world, or cultural ideas. the inspiration for each collection is encyclopaedic and eclectic in scope. RFL is not bound by any particular artist, work, movement, author, naturalist, phenomena, historical period, or culture. RFL creates jewellery capable of creating a dialogue between the past and the present, and leaves it to the wearer and thinker of RFL's wares to confront dogmas, ideas, tradition, and official interpretations of art, phenomena, and culture through conversation and embodiment.

III: aesthetic; or, refined imperfection

RFL's aesthetic bedrock is an active rebellion against traditional ideas of jewellery as perfect and flawless objects, and instead draws inspiration from abstract forms, ruinous objects, experimental art practice, luxury items, and imperfection in order to turn ideas of imperfection against itself and challenge ideas of objectivity, truth, beauty, and art with the overarching goal to engender conversation around traditional, modern, and emerging ideas of jewellery. 

IV: design; or, versatile jewellery  

RFL values cost per wear, practicality, and trans-seasonal designs. Some pieces are made with detachable options, which allows one to choose from multiple styles within the one jewellery piece. Each piece is also designed to be worn with casual or elevated looks in order to suit one’s personal style.