About Us

Released from Love is an Australian jewellery label that merges old world classics with modern design. Each jewellery object contains its own unique philosophy, with every piece based on a different concept that challenges outdated ideas of jewellery.

The label creates practical yet original pieces that match every occasion whilst challenging tradition. Showcasing timeless styles with a soft statement edge, Released from Love blurs the lines between perfect and imperfect, brutalist and organic, minimal and maximal, traditional and experimental.

Released from Love was established by artists Hannah Roche and LD Malone in 2018. They met in 2007 at a show where LD was playing in a punk band. Before founding the label, Hannah worked as a fashion photographer for clients such as Chanel, Vogue & Net-A-Porter while LD is an internationally published philosopher with a PhD in conceptual philosophy. 

In 2018 they married. Both had a clear idea of what their wedding rings must embody—quality, ethics, and sustainability—and so learned fine jewellery making at Australia’s oldest jewellery and design institution located in the New South Wales hinterland. They designed and handmade one another’s wedding rings. Merging their love of fashion, philosophy & jewellery, Hannah and LD founded Released from Love on their one year marriage anniversary.