Genderless jewellery label Released From Love (RFL) is the ethical luxury brand of photographer Hannah Roche and philosopher Lachlan Malone.

After a chance encounter at an underground punk show Lachlan was playing at as teenagers, Hannah and Lachlan fell in love. In the years following, Hannah became a fashion photographer for Chanel, Net-A-Porter, and Ethical Clothing Australia among others, while Lachlan worked as an avant-garde artist whilst completing a PhD in Culture, Language and Philosophy.

Hannah and Lachlan learned fine jewellery at Australia’s oldest crafts institute in order to handmake one another’s wedding bands and bespoke pieces for themselves and their wedding parties. Prior to RFL, Hannah and Lachlan would make jewellery for themselves, but at the urging of Hannah’s clients, the couple started making small runs of their pieces available by word of mouth. As demand grew, the couple founded the label to celebrate its origins - establishing RFL on their 1 year marriage anniversary. Inspired by their story, RFL’s pieces embody Hannah’s and Lachlan’s relationship - of Hannah’s emphasis on timeless designs and ethical fashion and Lachlan’s love of criticality and the avant-garde. Together, they represent this story of contrasts with their signature aesthetic of contradiction - perfect meets imperfect, brutalist meets organic, minimal meets maximal.