About the Label

Released from Love (RFL) challenges outdated ideas, practices, traditions, and aesthetics of fine jewellery. The label takes its name from this same attitude - releasing itself from traditional standards of beauty, gender norms, aesthetics, unethical manufacturing practices, and of love itself. Each RFL piece blurs the line between perfect and imperfect, brutalist and organic, minimal and maximal, traditional and experimental. As a label, RFL is committed to creating meaningful, artisanal jewellery with respect for traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices, imbuing each piece with the belief that jewellery is only trivial if you wear it for a week and not a lifetime. 


About the Founders

RFL was founded by photographer Hannah Roche and philosopher Lachlan Malone who fell in love and became jewellers. Before founding the label, Hannah shot for Chanel, Vogue & Net-A-Porter while Lachlan worked in universities while completing a Doctorate in Philosophy. They founded RFL on their one-year marriage anniversary after learning fine jewellery to hand-make one another’s wedding rings. 


Artisanal Ethical Manufacturing 

Each piece is designed and ethically made in Australia by Hannah and Lachlan with their small team of Australian artisans. Each piece is made using the label’s own “anti-kosmímata” technique Hannah and Lachlan created while learning traditional fine jewellery over a two-year period prior to starting the label. This technique combines traditional, fine, and modern jewellery methods, with each piece made to last centuries not seasons. RFL exclusively uses luxury materials of sterling silver and 24ct gold vermeil. Our precious metal suppliers are Australian, and are certified with the Responsible Jewellery Council. RFL uses environmentally friendly precious metals that are responsibly and ethically sourced from guaranteed conflict-free areas in Australia.