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Braille Alphabet Necklace



Classic Everyday Style With a Soft Statement Edge

Our Braille Alphabet Necklace blurs the line between everyday wear and statement. This piece challenges the use of visual-only alphabets in jewellery by re-defining the classic ‘alphabet letter’ range.  Ethically handcrafted in Australia from both recycled sterling silver and 24ct gold vermeil, the Braille Alphabet Necklace details our signature use of aesthetic contradiction - perfect meets imperfect; abstract meets minimal; fine meets chunky. 

The Details

  • Handcrafted: ethically & sustainably handmade in Australia to last centuries not seasons
  • Weight: light as an eggshell, 7 grams
  • Materials: precious metals, recycled sterling silver or 24ct gold vermeil 
  • Packaging: sustainable, FSC certified with an anti-tarnish bag made from organic fair-trade cotton

Design Notes

Our love of values, ethics, memory and culture are stored in the jewellery we wear as if to say to others, yes, this is who I choose to be in this life and these are the things I believe to be important.

Our manufacturing ethos is quality, ethics, and sustainability. Each piece is one of a kind and is handcrafted in our Australian studio by our small team of artisans.